Larry's Auto Clinic offers affordable vehicle tune ups in Milwaukee. Auto repair specialists provide vehicle maintenance through 22-point safety inspection.

Vehicle Tune ups

Vehicle Tune ups Milwaukee | Larry’s Auto Clinic



If your car has a hard time starting in the morning or uses more gas than usual, then it may be time for a diagnostic repair from Larry’s Auto Clinic.


Does your car run hot? Do you get enough heat in the winter time? It may be time to flush out the system and help your car be more efficient.


Is your car not starting at all? Are your lights dim? Is your battery light on? Free battery checks are available.


We can change your transmission filter and flush out transmission fluid. With a complete flush we can exchange all of the old fluid from your transmission, cooler, and torque converter. This allows us to clean the entire system. Have Larry’s Auto Clinic check your transmission fluid to determine if you need a flush. Save wear and tear on your transmission and prolong the life of it with timely flushes.


Complete clutch replacement available.


Help your tires last longer and wear better by rotating them every 6,000 miles or every other oil change. Receive a quality tire rotation in Milwaukee at Larry’s Auto Clinic. You can cut down on tire wear by having your alignment checked at least once a year.