If your vehicle has failed the State's emissions test, we are here for emissions repair in Milwaukee. Our ASE technicians will properly repair any issues.


Emissions Repair in Milwaukee

Larry’s Auto Clinic offers emissions testing for the state of Wisconsin. The test takes about 5 minutes and we immediately print out your stickers on site. You can avoid late fees, a trip to the dmv and mailing costs by getting your emissions test completed at Larry’s. We can also help you with any repairs that are necessary to pass emissions testing, such as check engine light, and exhaust.

Wondering Why Is My Check Engine Light On?


Do you need diagnostics?

For vehicles that happen to fail State emissions testing, Larry’s Auto Clinic provides emissions repair in Milwaukee. We have State Certified ASE technicians, and are excited as we will be doing State Emissions Testing at Larry’s Auto Clinic in the coming future. Here are some commonly asked questions about State Emission testing:

What is an Emissions Test?

Emissions tests detect dangerous and harmful pollutants produced from a car’s engine to the exhaust such as nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide. This year, the U.S. government is implementing a new type of emissions test, one that reads the car’s computer history through On Board Diagnostics Testing (OCBT).

Since 1998, computers have been installed in all light-duty vehicles and detect their emissions history. This new type of emissions testing will greatly improve the program’s efficacy by providing faster and more accurate emissions testing, decreasing the possibility of fraud and identifying polluting vehicles earlier than later.

Why Do I Need One?

In 1997, The U.S launched the Drive Clean program, with the purpose of identifying heavily polluting cars and trucks to ensure cleaner air quality. The purpose of the program is to improve air quality by reducing smog-causing pollutants being airborne, which will in turn benefit everyone from a health perspective.

How Do I Know If I Need an Emissions Test?

Vehicles manufactured before 1996 do not require emissions tests. Whereas vehicles after 1996 require them every other year. The odd year cars are tested on even years and even year cars are tested on odd years. Emissions tests are enforced when a vehicle is up for registration. The U.S. government sends a notice of registration about three months prior to the registration date. Vehicles that need an emissions test are marked with an asterisk. If you are buying or selling a used vehicle older than the current calendar year, it must pass an emissions test in order for the ownership to be transferred.